What is Interplay?

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Interplay Europe – Festival of Young Playwrights

Fangauf3-09Interplay is an international, not-for-profit arts and network organization for the furtherance of young playwrights aged 18 to 26. It was founded in Sydney in 1985. Until 2010 every two years Interplay organises the largest and most prestigious festival of its kind, World Interplay, at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia and – since 1995 in different cities – Interplay Europe Festivals.

Henning Fangauf, Chairperson of Interplay

In 1998 Interplay Europe e.V. was founded in Berlin as a European network organisation. Its office is in Frankfurt am Main (Chairperson: Henning Fangauf).

Participants from all over Europe are discussing every two years their plays for several inspiring, practical and creative days of classes, workshops, forums and events with experienced international tutors. Through workshops and small scale productions they have the opportunity to improve their work. Interplay Europe also supports international youth exchange and seeks to contribute to better understanding between nations.

 The Aims of Interplay

Interplay Europe Festivals are held in various parts of Europe in order to:

  • celebrate the creative richness of young playwrights
  • provide an international meeting place where their work can be discussed, workshopped and performed
  • provide an international forum for the ideas of young playwrights
  • offer the general public access to the works of young writers
  • contribute to regional, national and international cultural development.

Interplay Europe looks for new, high quality work, in which a talent for writing for the stage is clearly evident. Interplay Europe aims to encourage and help writers whose goal is to write for the professional stage.

Interplay Europe Festivals since 1995

Mainz / Germany (1995)
Berlin / Germany (1998)
Warsaw / Poland (2000)
Pécs / Hungary (2002)
Athens / Greece (2004)
Schaan / Principality of Liechtenstein (2006)
Utrecht / Netherlands (2008)
Ürkmez / Turkey (2010)
Madrid / Spain (2012)
Bregenz / Austria (2014)
Ljungskile / Sweden (2016)
Liepaja / Latvia (2018)



  • is between 18-26 years old;
  • is ambitious, driven and curious to become a professional playwright;
  • is one of the best playwrights of his/her age in his/her country;
  • is bringing a text to the festival that he/she wants to develop further and about he/she has questions to be answered through the interaction witIPE12_allDelegates_webformath other theatre makers;
  • is interested in intercultural exchange;
  • is open for feedback from others and interested in giving constructive feedback to others;
  • has the level of competence in English which will enable him/her to discuss theatrical ideas in a group setting;
  • has the level of competence to read plays in English.


  • is a professional playwright, dramaturg, director and/or teacher in playwriting;
  • is able to use different strategies to approach and discuss a text;
  • is interested in intercultural exchange;
  • has the ambition to help young playwrights develop their work;
  • has the level of competence in English which will enable him/her to discuss theatrical ideas in a group setting;
  • has the level of competence to read plays in English.


  • is employee or affiliate of a national established theatre organisation in order to guarantee continuity;
  • has got the ambition to form and send a delegation to Interplay Europe every two years, consisting of 1-3 young playwrights and 1-2 tutors;
  • is able to contact young, ambitious and talented playwrights in his/her country and select the best playwrights of that time;
  • aims a balance in the delegation in terms of gender, race and etnicity;
  • organizes a professional translation of the plays.

Interplay’s Representatives

Interplaye Europe has a network of representatives. Please ask for the representative of your country.